Well Hello Gorgeous…

Welcome to my newly remodeled blog!  I have switched a few pages around and categorized my posts, as well as removed a bunch of my posts.  I find that this layout is very easy to navigate and the blog pages are more detailed for your viewing pleasure.  I created this blog for others to read and enjoy, to bring comfort and maybe a few giggles to those who need it.  Below I have listed the Blog Site Pages and a little blurb about each page.  Hopefully you find a page that peaks your interest.

Bulletin Board (BB)

This is where I will post updates or changes to my blogs and my social media platforms, rules to the blog, and other related Information you may like to know.  I highly suggest you read the Blog Rules before continuing, it is imperative that we create a pleasant and fun environment for everyone while on MY blog.

A Delightful & Happy Daughter

This page is devoted to my daughter and her journey in life while struggling with AD/HD.  It is for those moms and children who may also be struggling with this as well.  I love reading about the different experiences parents have with their children when it comes to this disorder, and I’m always open to talk about it too.  I would love to feature a few moms on this blog who are veterans at handling this struggle, as I am new to it, and I’m just learning.  I hope my beautiful and smart little girl can add a little comfort and a few giggles to your day, as she does with me.

The Tea

This is where I get my cutesy name from.  I’ve always loved reading about the current events and all the juicy celebrity gossip.  I also like to think I’m sweet but fiesty too.  This page is dedicated to all the Tea I hope to spill, and a little sweetness added to the mix.  I won’t be too harsh, I’m a very open and understanding person, but best believe my tea is piping hot.  Enjoy your tea and honey.


The Memories page will be for all of my memories.  This page is mostly for me, but you’re welcome to read along.  I don’t want to grow old and forget anything that moved me as an emotional and spiritual human being.  I want to write it all down.  Maybe someone can relate to my experiences and find that they are not alone in this world.

What Just Happened?!

I love to tell everyone about my current experiences and really cool ideas I have, this is the page for all of that.  I can’t be the only weird female in this world who thinks like this.  I want to share my ideas, epiphanies, and spiritual experiences with you guys as well.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about the same thing for a while but felt weird for it?  Maybe this page can be devoted to meme’s that describe my current state of living.  I’m a pretty odd and random individual.  This is for those who like to give advice and might know something I don’t.  Message me or comment on the related blog to get a discussion going!  Don’t hold back.

Featured Writers

This page is dedicated to featuring other writers, known and unknown.  I want to showcase other people on my blog, to help them build an audience or to connect them with like minded people who can guide them.  If you would like to be featured, I’ve added the information on how to do it, under the Bulletin Board Page.  Look for “UPDATE! MY Blog Rules 06/19/2018 Tuesday”
If you love reading about other people’s journies and experiences, this is the page for you.

Lets Talk/ Contact Me

I can not say it enough, I’m always available to talk.  No matter what may be going on in your life, I will never be above anyone, nor will I refuse anyone.  I am a BIG texter, and I love having deep conversations.  I find that pulling people out of the dark place/ helping people, is what I do best.  This page will have all my information for you to message me.  I don’t give out my phone number, but there are a ton of others ways to contact me, that are just as fast.  If you would like to submit your very own article anonymously or would like to be featured on the blog, message me at the E-mail listed.  I want everyone to feel like they can talk openly and honestly on my blog, please share, but be respectful and mature please.  I love constructive criticism too, I like knowing what I need to improve on, so if you have some pointers or tips, the “Lets Talk/ Contact Me” page is your go to.  Thank you for reading!


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